SINCE 2014

MAK CARPENTRY is dedicated to designing, fabricating and creating the finishing touches that make your home special to you. MAK Carpentry specializes in making & installing complete custom wooden doors, kitchens, & wooden decor works for your new home. Our accomplished carpenters are experts at building and crafting indoor and outdoor wooden products for your home and office as well. We also specialize in installing wooden doors, flooring, wallpapers and gypsum ceiling or any project you may be considering. Our goal at MAK Carpentry UAE is to make customizing your home a pleasurable experience. We look forward to creating a masterpiece for you!


Products Quality

Each of our products is made from high-quality parts that are made for everlasting and efficient use.

Lowest Price Promise

Our prices always differ from our competitors and are most economic among the UAE market which makes us stand out from the crowd.

Professional Services

Each of our team member is highly skilled in what we do. And our professional sales executives will always be there for a high level of customer service to retain the clients.

Excellent Customer Care

We believe in the exceptional quality of customer care that's why we always recommend and provide customers a relevant solution as per your needs.

Vast Experience

Years of experience in the wood works helped us to learn the pros and cons of the industry thus making us stronger and better than yesterday to provide efficient products and services.

High Level Technology

We have many types of carpentry machines to provide you customize products as per your required dimensions.

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